CMC Forging
With access to one of the world's largest forges, CMC can deliver fast, accurate, repeatable forging of large-scale, sophisticated components, helping to keep you competitive in the marketplace. Our forging capacity allows us to improve the overall effectiveness of your engineered design, by creating large-scale components from solid metal versus traditional machining and fabrication approaches. This ensures the stability, strength, and durability of your finished components, as well as reduces overall production costs.

CMC understands how critical it is that your large-scale wind, solar, nuclear, medical, and commercial components work reliably, effectively, and safely—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through our quality assurance program and inspection analysis department, we verify the finished components' metallurgy, ensuring that your forged, large-scale components meet all your design specifications and tolerances. CMC not only delivers the best, most cost-effective components possible, but client confidence as well.